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Feet drip with the reddish delight of pricey ointment And prideful red beads adorn bouncing rows of woven hair. Swaying hips are clothed in the finest thread; Protecting the secret … Continue reading

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Hymen Worshippers Anonymous

I find traditional wedding practices across the world to be quite fascinating. Having watched quite a number of them in movies and documentaries, I can say that nothing gets me … Continue reading

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Holding Back?

Something got me thinking about my early Christian life this morning; thinking how far Christ has brought me and how steadfast his love has been despite my unsteady gait in … Continue reading

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Happy New Year Folks!

Hello, my very dear ones. Thank you for being here last year and for coming back in the new year. Here’s wishing that the new year is blessed and beautiful … Continue reading

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SayOlori’s 2013 in Review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog. Here’s an excerpt: A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 1,800 … Continue reading

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photo credit:petewa.blogspot_com My name is Mekuluni. It means beauty from the sky. I come from a small village by the border of Badagry. My Mama has eight children and she … Continue reading

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The London Eye and I

The London Eye and I.

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In Secrets and in Lies…

In Secrets and in Lies….

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The Lonely Shore of Sterile Love

The Lonely Shore of Sterile Love.

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#ChildNotBride…. *yimu*

Pardon my use of Pidgin English in the title. I just had to register my true feelings as early as possible . In the wake of the #ChildNotBride campaign set … Continue reading

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The Lonely Shore of Sterile Love

Between the moon and here, Her thumping heart a solace seeks. Between her head and heart Are love-filled ballads that could have been theirs. Her feet wearily walk the lonely … Continue reading

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We Were Children

Photo Credit- My little cousin’s fantastic kindergarten teachers. This is for all those who remember the little details of their growing years which play a great part in the creation … Continue reading

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For Giving Him Twins

I do find myself browsing through a couple of blogs during the day. I may not be a big fan of irritating celebrity gossip but I sure do find share-worthy … Continue reading

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A Finger to the Heavens

I read some disturbing news item this morning about a Texas teenager whose relay team was disqualified because of his celebratory move of pointing skyward after a fine finish. The … Continue reading

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The London Eye and I

As promised, here’s the rest of my holiday adventure story. The flight from Istanbul to London lasted about four hours which I spent watching movies and ordering more and more … Continue reading

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Three and a half days in Turkey

Hi all! I hope it’s been a lovely Easter for you. I wish you all the bountiful love and grace that the gift of Easter is to us all and … Continue reading

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YimuCentral Will Say Olori Tonight!

Hiya people! I know it’s been a little while since I posted new stuff here. I’m definitely working on that. Here’s something to keep you entertained while you wait…wait a … Continue reading

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Rude much?

There I was on a Monday night, washing up the pots, pans and dishes I used in making and serving dinner for my family, people who at this time were … Continue reading

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Say Olori on Facebook & Twitter!

You can now keep up with the “Say Olori” page on Facebook. Please visit the page (say olori) and click the ‘Like’ button to get regular updates on your Facebook … Continue reading

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The Weeping Messiah

Looking down from His Holy height, He wonders when the world will see the light, Turn from their wicked ways And live for Him all their days Our Messiah laid … Continue reading

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What Can I say? – by Shola Olawumi

Hi there! Remember my call for submissions? Well, the submissions have been rolling in. This right here is one submitted by Shola Olawumi. He’s a very fine individual; nice and … Continue reading

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Repost or…!

I have often come across a rather despicable trend in some of the forwarded messages that I get in my mails, on my facebook wall and instant messengers. The messages … Continue reading

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Young Woman in the Mirror

Who is this person who stares back at me? Who are you who has stolen the blissful anonymity that I enjoyed when went I about town, strapped to my mother’s … Continue reading

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On the drive home from visiting a sick friend who was being treated at home, I started to wonder about the origin of the word ‘Hospital’. My conclusion- it has … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Say Olori:
Standing before the magnificent oak doors of our church, I can’t help but remember how the carvings on it had fascinated me as a child.…

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When you hear a preacher use the expression, ‘Jesus is knocking on the door of your heart’, what is the first thought that comes to your mind? Is it ‘I … Continue reading

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IF… – by Adeleke Farayola

So! Here’s the first entry that made it to publication since I put up the invitation to guest writers. The author, ADELEKE FARAYOLA is quite a fantastic writer and a … Continue reading

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Welcoming Guest Writers!

Hiya! I’m inviting anyone and everyone with creative writing skills to send in their entries to be published on this blog. Points to observe- Creativity, Decency, Grammatical accuracy and not … Continue reading

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The Prowler’s Compassion

Creeping silently in the dark As if not to leave a mark With eyes like a fire-fly Waiting for an unfortunate passer-by A vicious prowler he is A lonely traveller … Continue reading

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I Want to Live

From the moment we each complete the epic journey from the amniotic confines within which our lives begin to the arms (loving or otherwise) of our primary caregivers, some common … Continue reading

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