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This Sunday in Room F7

*Toss, turn, toss again*

With eyes barely open, I grope around my bed for my mobile phone. The clock on it says 6:25am. I know my alarm will go off in 5 minutes and I wonder yet again why my body has to keep waking itself just a few minutes before my alarm goes off but on days when I forget to set an alarm, I over-sleep by at least 15 minutes. That sucks.

*Eyes slowly open and close intermittently*

I try to observe some quiet time but find myself drifting off into sleep time and time again. I know I should have gone to bed early last night. However, the thoughts and research that kept me awake till half of my scheduled ‘sleep-time’ was exhausted were too compelling to pull away from. I hope to share my thoughts on that 7year old national tragedy in the near future.


I don’t realize I have gone back to sleeping full time until I hear a knock on my door and my eyes fly open. It’s definitely my ever faithful neighbour on the usual ‘wake up early for church rounds’. I groan ungratefully and pretend to have been awake already.

*Thanks, I’m up*

It’s already 7.10am and church starts in 50mins so I hurriedly complete prayer time and head for the shower. I usually make it a point of duty to wear a watch right before getting ready so I don’t spend too much time on my ‘beauty regime’. Today, I search my wardrobe and pick a pretty watch that I haven’t worn in a while. As usual, it helped. I was dressed and ready to go by 7.58am. I’ll have to walk very fast to make it in decent time. The service ordinarily lasts about 2 hours plus. It only makes sense that I get there at the beginning.

*Click, Click*

As soon as I turn the lock behind me, I go hands-on into tidying up my little room. It was a beautiful thanksgiving service in church today and I’m in high spirits. I change the sheets, put clothes away in the wardrobe, iron fresh laundry, warm the pot of stew I spent a few hours cooking yesterday and then settle down to see what entertainment my computer can offer. I go over old photographs for a while. A hundred pictures and several fond memories later, I’m smiling quite gleefully to myself and thinking about breakfast. I dive into breakfast with the premonition that I won’t be in any mood for lunch later.

*Sips hot milo*

My phone rings and it’s my family. Almost everybody is there together so I talk to them all, one after the other. Mean jokes, funny jokes, fresh gist, laughs, my favourite toddler’s tantrums in the background, update on what they’re having for breakfast, about 30 minutes of phone conversation and I feel like I’m back home with them. *Sigh* Well, we have to say goodbye for now because this is not one of those instances where talk is cheap (if you know what I mean). This however remains one of the best parts of my Sundays.

I pick up my computer once again and look into the archives for a good movie. I find a fantastic Bollywood production and press play. As the scenes unfold, I’m almost thinking: “Delicious!” Just saying, I’m a sucker for Indian love stories. The plot thickens and just like the first time I watched this movie, I’m loving every minute of it.


After watching the movie till the end and watching my favourite parts over again, I decide it’s time for some music. I put on some old-school pop music and crank up the speakers. As usual, ‘Mirror-Mirror on the Wall’ thinks I’m the best dancer of them all and she better! 😉 Doing risky ‘Michael Jackson moves’ in the shower makes it all the more fun. Happy-happy!


All that dancing reminds me that I skipped lunch so I get into my pyjamas at 6pm after a nice ‘musical’ shower and burst into the kitchen to prepare a meal that will hopefully enjoy ‘astronomical deliciousness’ *Laughs*

Now turning a fair quantity of Semolina on the burner; a tiny bit slips on my finger. It burns like fire and I hurriedly bring the finger to my mouth to lick off the little pest only to burn my lip in the process. *Oh bummer!*

*She who laughs last…*

Now, my once feisty ball of Semolina is humbly lying beside a generous helping of ‘Efo-riro’ (a Yoruba name for vegetable soup) and beef. We both know who will have the last laugh.

Thank God for a quiet, blessed Sunday.

*Raises glass*

Here’s to a pleasant week; Cheers!


5 comments on “This Sunday in Room F7

  1. toye
    August 27, 2012

    Cool, i love the transitions and the light heartedness of it all: Bravo!!!

  2. Abdulrasheed Adedamola
    September 5, 2012

    i am only interested most in the dance and off course the semolina

  3. Munwa
    April 30, 2013

    hahahahaha @the response you gave your knocking neighbour, you sipping hot milo, dancing with yourself…hahahah, i really cant stop laughing. what a day. you must have been utterly bored.

    • Olori
      May 1, 2013

      Hehehe. I didn’t feel so bored.

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