Say Olori

…You know you want to

The Lonely Shore of Sterile Love

shore walker

Between the moon and here,

Her thumping heart a solace seeks.

Between her head and heart

Are love-filled ballads that could have been theirs.

Her feet wearily walk the lonely shores

Of broken dreams and sterile love.

The burning sand, a gloating wretch

Registers its spite in a hot embrace:

‘Said ye not that love would protect thee?”

“Said ye not that his heart would hold thine no matter what?”

Dreams betrayed and banished to naught

By truths that roar and no prisoners take.

A double casualty of broken hearts

Neither the better in grief and pain

The risk foreseen yet stings like a bee

A constant reminder it always will be

To never again promise on forever

For only time will tell whether love conquers fate.


5 comments on “The Lonely Shore of Sterile Love

  1. adeolu
    June 5, 2013

    Nice piece dear.

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  3. naijawife
    August 13, 2013

    “The burning sand …registers its spite in a hot embrace” . That gets my *poetry slam two snaps*!!

Waiting to read your thoughts on this. xoxo

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