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Happy New Year Folks!

Hello, my very dear ones. Thank you for being here last year and for coming back in the new year. Here’s wishing that the new year is blessed and beautiful for us all by the mercies of God.

I hope you enjoyed the holidays. I definitely did. In case you didn’t know, I’m one of the really blessed folks who have their birthdays in the Christmas season. Guess who decided to make a big deal of her birthday this time around…yep! I did. I spent a significant part of Sunday 22nd of December partying kinda hard with my family and very close friends at the beach. (Note that my actual birthday is 23rd of December.) It was a fun fun day at the beach. Thanks to every one who came.


Christmas was beautiful. The food, the drinks, the company, the feeling; simply amazing. We cannot be grateful enough for the gift of Jesus and for the grace to celebrate that gift over and over again.

I, like most people have set goals for the new year. I have written them down and I intend to run with them (Habakkuk 2:2). If you haven’t thought of the changes you want to make or the things you want to achieve in the new year, it’s not too late. Writing down the vision has helped many an achiever stay more focused on course. Write down your goals, place them where you can see them often, declare your goals daily and work hard at them. Nothing is unattainable if we try, believe and pray.

I wish everyone a most fulfilling year. I hope your dreams come true just as mine will.

As a special New year’s gift, allow me to share with you a beautiful song released on the 1st of January, 2014 by my brother, my friend; a young man called to praise God, Music Minister Kunle Kenny, titled “Ijo Ope”.

“Ijo Ope” is a song that gets you all excited and in the mood to praise, somewhat like a pacemaker in long distance races. Let me also share an excerpt from the review written by Adedeji Damilare Joseph.
“…it’s the kind of song that sneaks up on you and permeates the entire atmosphere with praise.”

If you feel like getting your praise on this new year, put “Ijo Ope” on your ‘to-get’ list. You can download it at

Have a fab day y’all!


2 comments on “Happy New Year Folks!

  1. laoluadek
    January 7, 2014

    missed the party. i know there’ll be many more.

    • Olori
      January 8, 2014

      Sure, there will. *winks*

Waiting to read your thoughts on this. xoxo

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